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Beyondinfra is Chennai’s leading real estate consultancy company. It is Chennai’s best real estate company specialised in providing consultancy of Redevelopment of existing apartments & buildings and joint venture your land in Chennai. Real Estate Joint Development gives land owners the opportunity to retain some part of ownership of the land they own and at the same time earn money from the asset they had owned.

As an apartment owner or a land owner you will benefit by engaging Beyondinfra as your redevelopment or joint venture consultant due to the following reasons

Real Estate Joint Venture development gives land owners the opportunity to retain some part of ownership of the land they own and at the same time earn money from the asset they had owned.
Design backed Consultancy

Our in-house architect provides architectural design inputs and design feasibility study which gives apartment owners and land owners the distinct advantage of having all required design inputs. This will help owners talk to developers effectively and work towards their commercial gain.

Financial feasibility Study

In addition to design feasibility, Beyondinfra also provides a financial feasibility study which gives owners an insight into how much they can gain due to redevelopment or joint venture with the developers. The study also helps the owners know where they stand against developer proposals and how much more they can gain commercially.

Direct relationship with Leading Developers of Chennai

With a combined man year experience of 45+ years between the three directors, Beyondinfra works directly with all the leading developers of Chennai. Due to its direct relationship with the leading developers of Chennai, Beyondinfra is able to give owners the best redevelopment and joint venture deal.

Dedicated Team

A skilled and dedicated team at Beyondinfra works tirelessly to overcome challenges, providing clients with confidence in the face of complex redevelopment or joint venture endeavors.

Turn Key Solution

Beyondinfra is able to provide a complete solution to the owners right from feasibility study, liaison services with developers, project management consultancy upto the point of ensuring that the owners realise their commercial gain.

A joint venture for the development of land typically involves two or more parties coming together to develop a piece of land. One of the parties can be an owner of the land or all parties can invest into a land. The parties may contribute money, resources, and expertise to the project and share in the profits or ownership of the developed land. This type of partnership can be useful for large or complex development projects that may require a significant investment of capital and resources.

Real Estate Joint Venture Process

  • Identification of potential partners: This includes identifying other companies or individuals who have the financial resources and expertise necessary to develop the land.
  • Negotiation of terms: Once potential partners have been identified, the parties will negotiate the terms of the joint venture, including the ownership structure, the development budget, and the responsibilities of each party.
  • Due diligence: Before finalizing the joint venture, the parties will conduct due diligence to ensure that the land is suitable for development and that there are no potential legal or environmental issues.
  • Execution of legal documents: Once the terms of the joint venture have been agreed upon, the parties will execute legal documents, such as a joint venture agreement, to formalize the partnership.
  • Development: With the legal and financial aspects of the joint venture in place, the partners can begin the process of developing the land. This may include obtaining permits, hiring contractors, and building infrastructure.
  • Exit strategy: Joint venture development is a short-term arrangement, so the partners must have an exit strategy in place. This includes the plan for selling, leasing or disposing of the property.

Overall, Joint venture development is a complex process that requires a significant investment of time, money, and resources. It's important to have a clear plan and a well-drafted legal agreement in place to minimize the risk of disputes or disagreements between the partners.

Beyondinfra is associated with various builders who are experienced in developing land through joint venture or JV agreements with the owners. In addition to introducing the owners to potential builders, Beyondinfra remains as a key partner of both the parties throughout the journey to ensure the development is a win win situation.

Real Estate Redevelopment

Apartment redevelopment or flat redevelopment is the process of renovating or rebuilding an existing apartment complex.

  • Form a redevelopment committee: The association should form a committee of residents to oversee the redevelopment process and ensure that the project is in the best interests of the residents.
  • Conduct a feasibility study: The association should conduct a feasibility study to determine the cost and benefits of redevelopment and to identify any potential problems that may arise during the process.
  • Prepare a detailed project plan: The association should prepare a detailed project plan that includes a timeline, budget, and design specifications for the redevelopment project.
  • Get the consent of the majority of the residents: The association should get the consent of the majority of the residents before proceeding with the redevelopment project. The society or association charter would determine if only a majority is sufficient or consent of all owners is necessary.
  • Identify and select a reputable builder: The association should identify and select a reputable builder who has experience in apartment redevelopment and who can deliver the project on time and within budget.
  • Negotiate and finalize the contract: The association should negotiate and finalize the contract with the builder, including the terms and conditions of the project, the payment schedule, and the timeline for completion.
  • Communicate with the residents: The association should keep the residents informed about the progress of the redevelopment project and address any concerns they may have.

Overall, the association should take all necessary steps to ensure that the redevelopment project is in the best interests of the residents, that it is completed on time and within budget and that the rights of the residents are protected throughout the process.

Beyondinfra is your ideal partner in this process of redevelopment. It is understandable that the entire process of choosing the right builder and finalizing the right specifications for the new construction can be a daunting task. Beyondinfra brings in its expertise and experience in ensuring that the right builder with the correct specifications are chosen for the project.

Redevelopment Process

This process of redevelopment can involve a variety of different activities, such as:

  • Obtaining necessary approvals and permits from local government.
  • Demolition of the existing structure(s)
  • Planning and design of the new structure(s) and amenities
  • Construction of the new structure(s)
  • Construction stage approvals
  • Finishing work, including installation of fixtures, appliances, and landscaping
  • Obtaining occupancy permits
  • Handing over the new apartments to the residents

The process of redevelopment can be complex and time-consuming, and it will depend on the specific project and the laws and regulations in the area where the apartment complex is located. The objective of redevelopment is to provide better living conditions, amenities and safety to the residents while increasing the value of the property.

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