Industrial property and factors to be considered while selection.

Industrial property refers to real estate that is used for industrial purposes, such as manufacturing, production, warehousing, and distribution. It can include a variety of structures, such as factories, warehouses, distribution centers, and research and development facilities.

Industrial properties are typically larger in size than commercial or residential properties and are often located in areas that are zoned for industrial use. They also tend to have specific features that are designed to support industrial activities, such as high ceilings for storage, loading docks for deliveries, and large parking areas for employees and vehicles.

It is important to note that industrial properties are different from commercial properties, which are used for retail, office, or other non-industrial purposes. Additionally, industrial properties are also distinct from residential properties, which are used for living or housing.

When searching for an industrial property, there are several factors that you should consider to ensure that you find the right property to meet your needs

  • Location: Consider the proximity to major transportation routes, access to labour, and the availability of resources such as utilities.
  • Zoning: Make sure that the property is zoned for the type of industrial use you have in mind.
  • Building Size: Consider the size of the building and make sure that it is suitable for your business operations, taking into account your current and future needs.
  • Parking and Loading: Ensure that the property has adequate parking and loading facilities for your employees, customers and deliveries.
  • Ceiling Height: Consider the height of the building's ceilings and make sure that it is sufficient for your operations and storage needs.
  • Power and Utilities: Check the availability of power, water and other utilities, and confirm that they are suitable for your needs.
  • Environmental Concerns: Make sure that the property is not contaminated, and that there are no environmental hazards that could affect your business operations.